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D Johnson was born in Shiprock, New Mexico, raised in Teecnospos, Arizona, and began performing before he was five years of age.  He has said that he, “First discovered life as he knows it while up on stage”.    Music has always been in D Johnson’s family, and it was his oldest brother, who passed-on in the 1970s, that used to make him sing for people while he played guitar.  To this day D Johnson says that music is just a part of who he is, and probably always will be.  His musical tastes range from Beethoven and Mozart to Ted Nugent and Green Day to Annie Lenox and Sting, and of course, Country greats and Gospel and Blues.  D Johnson grew up listening to Buck Owens, Conway Twitty, Loretta Lynn,  Johnny Cash and Johnny Horton, and Waylon Jennings (to name a few), as well as 60s and 70s Rock ‘n’ Roll, including Buffalo Springfield, Grand Funk Railroad, Jimi Hendrix, Ted Nugent, the Rolling Stones, and The Who.

D Johnson released his first CD, entitled “Midnight Song” in 2001, with VPR label.  His debut CD is a compilation of songs he had written during prior years.  Two songs from his debut CD, “Only Wind Blowing Sand”, and “One Winter’s Day,” became the theme tracks to two national Silver Telly Award-winning documentary videos.  Billy Williams of MCA Records, who had produced several albums with MCA Country Music Recording Artist Lyle Lovett, produced both songs.  Additionally, “Only Wind Blowing Sand” was Song Number Nine on Super Country Hits.com Top 50 Songs List for 2006, and “Midnight Song” was Song Number One the first week of the new year in 2007 on Super Country Hits.com.  Tentative plans are for his next CD to be released in late Fall or Winter of 2007.

D Johnson writes each of his songs based on his personal life and experiences.  As an example, D Johnson explains “Only Wind Blowing Sand”, this way.  “I wrote the song when I was twenty-nine years old, when I returned home after being away for about twelve years attending higher education.”  He had left his home after graduating from Shiprock High School.

“When I left my homeland for college, there were many things in place like cattle, horses, homesteads, family unity, Navajo Indian traditional values, etc.  When I returned home twelve years later, there was absolutely nothing.  Where there had been homes, ranches, livestock and certain strong family members, it was all gone. The area where there was once life for me was barren, as if it was only a dream.  I stood where life once existed during my younger years, and I felt deeply saddened.  That's when "Only Wind Blowing Sand" came about.  The song talks about returning home from pursuing advancement in life, away from my so-called desolate Indian Reservation; otherwise known as quality education.  The song also references how Western influence refers to the present North America as the Promised Land, and how living and having been within that Promised Land environment, I only saw power struggles amongst countries taking from each other, what they could obtain to be better than the other, leaving almost no room for thoughts of family values or unity--of course, my opinion, in comparison to the lifestyle that I came from.  So, leaving homeland to get an education for several years resulted in only coming home to a barren childhood life setting.  I came home to where life once existed for me, and there was only the sound of wind across the land blowing sand, as if nothing ever existed there.  I only heard voices and traditional healing and blessing songs of the past in the slow whispering wind.  I stood on the ground where I once ran across the country as a young boy and thought to myself...Even though I can now live in two worlds; the Promised Land society and my own Navajo cultural life, I will never be able to bring back what I once had that was true and real to me.  Now, I can only sing about it and share with anyone who is willing to listen.”

D Johnson had left to study Fine Arts at Highlands University, and obtained a B.A. Degree from the University of Colorado.  He also attended the American Academy in New York, New York, and in Los Angeles, California. 

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, D Johnson formed “NightGun Band”.  They played with many national artists, including John Anderson, Asleep At The Wheel, Mark Chesnutt, Faith Hill, The Kendalls, the Kentucky Headhunters, Doug Kershaw, Tracy Lawrence, Michael Martin Murphy, and Johnny Rodriguez.  D Johnson and NightGun Band performed at many prestigious concerts in Arizona, California, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah, as well as throughout the United States.  After a ten-to-fifteen year absence from the music scene, D Johnson returned to performing again in 2004, with a full-scale band beginning in September of 2005. 

D Johnson currently works for the Navajo Nation, volunteers with At-Risk Native Youth, and is a Grant Writer for Senior Home Improvements.  He is also a Wild Game Hunter, Colorado Fisherman, and Wild Game Protection Volunteer.

D Johnson is available for casino, concert, and night club performances, as well as songwriting, studio recording, and television and film roles, as he has prior acting experience.  

D Johnson’s music has played on local FM radio stations, as well as Internet Radio Stations in Australia, Ireland, the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada. Additionally, “Midnight Song” was in the Top 30 on NCI FM Radio in Winnepeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Negotiations are currently underway for D Johnson’s mini tour in 2007.  See his performance, and you’ll know why D Johnson continues to have such a loyal following from devotees of all music genres,

both in the United States and Canada.




...Following three songs by the opening band,

D Johnson confidently strode on stage and belted

out a catchy original tune, “Only Rock 'n' Roll”. 

With an easygoing, yet commanding stage presence,

Johnson led the band through a top ten list of

country and rock songs that were well received.

Richard Sitts - Gallup Independent


...I was impressed when I first saw Johnson

on stage; I was blown away.  His energy and

excellent voice commands your attention.

Bob Hickman - Tucson, Arizona


...D Johnson is an aggressive and

confident entertainer

Ferlin Clark - Freelance Writer


D Johnson is just absolutely amazing. 

Such a wonderful and powerful, yet soothing

performance he does.

Kevin O'Neil  Kool Radio

Farmington, New Mexico


...Certainly has great potential and should

be with all the headliners

Reedy Hall

Former Country Palace Owner

and Concert Promoter


D Johnson was probably one of the best

entertainers that had performed at the Ute

Mountain Casino.  Nothing I can say but

'fantastic' in regards to his musical performance. 

It's the voice, what a powerful musical voice! 

My wife just adored his performance.  We will

definitely be the first ones there again when

he returns, to make sure we get good seats.

Wilbur Root - Ute Mountain Ute Nation

Towaoc, Colorado


You know, there are only a few that rank right

up there with the top entertainers and D Johnson

happens to be one of them.  The man is exceptional

with his musical talent.  I couldn't believe it...

one encore after another, that's almost unheard of. 

Yes, almost anyone can perform but to fully

captivate the audience is another story...you

have to be gifted to do that.  Keep on rockin'

dude!!  My love and support for you.

Dennis Cox - Band Wagon Music

Durango, Colorado


I'm [a] huge fan already.  You roped me in

with the first song I heard.  I believe you're

gonna hit the big times you're just as great

as the pro's today, and you have

a lot going for you.

Jody - Illinois


You are an awesome great singer, and writing

your life through these great songs you share

with all your fans...and you do it very well...

Oh, and you are a huge Mark Chesnutt fan...

So we have a lot of great interest we share,

and I am so pleased to be your friend, and

supporter. We love you so much!!

Anita Star Rogers - Winter Park, Florida


I like your music and your story!

You are an authentic

artist with a natural gift for make and sing

awesome songs!  Respect from Italy.

Venise - Italy


I just want to tell you that your talent is

superseded only by your heart and kindness

to others. Bless you my friend for being there

and sharing such a wonderful story for us all.

Candace aka Dallas Red

Kansas City, Missouri


Man we loved the story and how you write songs

through your life's experience. Wish you

all the best in all you set out to do in music.

Doug - Corbin, Kentucky


I must admit that when I first discovered you,

and your music, it was like a breath of fresh air. 

You are a true storyteller with your words, painting

a picture in the listener’s mind, and taking us on the

journey with you.  Crisp, clear delivery of your lyrics,

and music that accompanies, rather than

overpowers: a true sign of balance.  In a world where

many fail; you D, deliver.   Keep the music

coming, and prayers for much success.

Diana - Ohio


 I think you're a wonderful, caring, loyal, devoted

and kind person. Your songs are full of meaning

and your voice is awesome. I wish you the best

and I hope all your dreams come true.  You're

one of a kind. Blessings my great friend. 

Love you always.

Granny - New York






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