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Lane Turner is as comfortable

with a guitar as he is with a javelin.

A former All-American decathlete at

Texas Tech, Lane Turner knows

all about chasing a dream. On and off the athletic

field, Lane's path has been one of perseverance

and constantly raising the bar. And, the hard work

has paid off as Turner prepares for his major-label

debut, King of Pain, on Warner Bros. Records.

Lane Turner's dream began at age 11 when he received his first guitar as a gift. His father's co-worker at the Sheriff's department in Lane's hometown of Levelland, Texas taught Lane how to play. That was, how to play those classic, simple three-chord country songs by Hank Williams that fueled Lane's passion for country music, then and still today. Over a decade later, Lane Turner has truly raised the bar. After a successful run with his college band, Diamondback-who graduated from frat parties to opening act for the likes of Brooks & Dunn and Mark Chesnutt, to

years of building up his own reputation as a top-draw on the club circuit from the Carolinas to Calgary,

Lane Turner now finds himself on the threshold of his major-label release.

"He's an authentic, West Texas troubadour - as real as the dusty ropers he wears," says Paul Worley, Chief Creative Officer at Warner Bros, who has worked with the likes of the Dixie Chicks, Martina McBride and Big & Rich. Worley instantly recognized a unique talent in Lane, and offered him a recording contract.

Were it not for the signature cowboy hat and Wranglers, Lane Turner looks like he could be peeled off the cover of Men's Health magazine; his talent, however, is more than skin deep. His good looks and natural charisma are coupled with authentic talent as a gifted singer and songwriter. Lane wrote 11 of the 12 songs on King of Pain and has had recent chart success as a songwriter for other artists-not to mention cuts by Steve Wariner,

who has become a mentor to Lane.

"I like the kind of music that's raw, emotional and unveiled," says Turner. "The kind that makes people dance. That's the music I love, and that's the music I make." The kind of music Lane makes on King of Pain is also very personal and written from Lane's own, distinct point-of-view. "Each one of these songs is a chapter from my life," Turner explains. "They all happened. For better or for worse, it's my life laid out there at that moment."

From full-on Texas dancehall music bursting with energy and emotion to tear-in-your-beer ballads,

King of Pain takes the listener into the heart,

mind and life of this perceptive,

honest and witty storyteller:

"She found a woman's name and number in a matchbook in my coat," Lane writes in the classic sounding shuffle "Little Book of Matches" that he

co-wrote with Steve Wariner and Rick Carnes.

"In an instant my whole world went up in smoke.

Now the trust that took so long to build is just cinder on the ground. And a little book of matches

burned it down."


Other highlights on the album include the driving first single and crowd favorite, "Let You Go," the beautiful ballad "Right on Time," the mysteriously sexy "Always Wanting More" and the blue and bluesy title track, "King of Pain." Then there are those perfect mood songs: "Halfway to Mexico" for a fun dose of escapism; the ironic "Happy Hour," where you go to remember or forget, and "Thinking Right This Time" for a few minutes of reflective fixation. Produced by up-and-coming Nashville producer Scott Sherrod, King of Pain is an album full of thought-provoking

and really well crafted songs bound to make

you want to move and sure to make you

think and feel.

For any fan of country music,

Lane Turner is a guy you will want to listen to.

For Lane, the road to King of Pain has not always been an easy one. After years of working the road, Turner moved to Nashville to take his career to another level. It was there that he caught the attention of Bob Doyle, the long-time manager of Garth Brooks. Immediately after hearing Lane's demos, Doyle called Lane and invited him to a guitar pull at his house that evening. Well past midnight, on a handshake and as a testament to Lane's unique sound and songwriting, Doyle offered Turner both a management and a publishing deal.

King of Pain showcases Lane's silky, stylized vocals,

especially in songs like "Better to Have Loved" and "Right on Time." No irony is lost as Lane disputes the age old adage about love and loss in the former song, and attests to the wisdom of another such adage-that timing is everything-as he wears his heart on his sleeve in the song "Right On Time," Lane recounts the serendipitous 'moment' when he met his wife,

Paula: "Wrong turns I used to regret were all for a reason. And each one was just another step to the two of us meeting. It staggers the mind when I stop think, how our lives changed in the blink of an eye.

'Cause I was right on time."





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With the full and enthusiastic support of a major-label, top-notch management, and a solid and growing fan-base in the US and Canada, not to mention charm, passion and talent that is pure and real, it looks like Lane Turner may be right on time, once again. From the 11 year old boy and his guitar in West Texas chasing a dream to the All-American college athlete and then the honky-tonk sensation, Lane's experiences on the track and on the road have taught him the virtues of hard work, persistence and discipline.

 Lane's path from then to now has been a steady endurance race leading to this wonderful opportunity to share his music with a wider audience. With the anticipated release of his debut album, King of Pain, it looks like this time just may be Lane Turner's time.

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