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Tresa Jordan is a singer strong enough to wear her heart on her sleeve, even when itís bruised and broken. Thatís because she knows the transformative power of country music. She knows the greatest songs resonate because they tap into universal themes of love and loss, joy and pain. She knows because sheís lived life. Sheís chased dreams and dealt with heartache. Writers are told to write what they know. Tresa knows real life. She also knows music. It's been a part of her life from the very beginning.


Like the songs she writes, Tresa's story is grounded in reality. Once she moved to Music City, she and her friend got jobs waiting tables to pay the bills while they honed their craft. Tresa met another struggling musician and fell in love. They were soon married and began having children. Tresa put her career on hold to raise a family.


Less than seven years later, she found herself in the same situation many women find themselves in. She had three children, a mortgage, and a marriage going south. Despite all attempts for her and her husband to work things out, their efforts were failing. She began writing to deal with complex emotions of what was ultimately a divorce and rediscovery of herself and her music.


The songs poured out of her and she began to heal. She knew that music was integral to who she was and had to be a part of her life. She put her life back together with a newfound confidence. Through it all she kept writing.

The songs kept getting better and so did her life.

She fell in love again and married a man who fully supported her musical career.


She began recording songs about her experiences, songs about life. She recorded songs about the first flush of love and how it can die. She chronicled a marriage falling apart. There were songs about pushing through the pain and finding true love. Songs about mistakes. Songs about triumphs.


Tresa's self-titled debut album. The 10-song disc doesn't have an electric instrumentation. That's by design. "The sound of acoustic instruments is so beautiful and clear," says Tresa. "You can muddy up songs with a lot of electrics and a big production. My songs lend themselves to an acoustic arrangement. Theyíre organic, raw and natural. The instruments match the lyrics."


ďI have to write songs about things Iíve experienced," she says. "I know some writers can just come up with an idea and write it out of thin air. I canít do that. It has to be something that Iíve been through or an emotion that Iíve dealt with. There has to be some kind of truthfulness to a song or it wonít resonate with people.Ē


Her music will resonate with country fans, because she's singing their life back to them. She's found the words and the music to communicate the trials and triumphs of ordinary people. She doesn't sing about fairytales, she sings about real life.

And Tresa Jordan knows real life.


















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